About Sara Levitas

“The world is about people, not objects”- Arik Levy

Moving to Melbourne six years ago with her young family, Canadian-Israeli Sara Levitas decided it was the perfect time to pursue who dream career in Interior Design. She chose Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration for its excellent reputation and credibility. The well-designed program allowed her to get hands-on experience while learning from skilled Interior designers currently practicing in the industry.

With a background in health sciences, Sara has an excellent understanding of human sensibilities, and believes strongly that the space should adapt to the people using it and not the other way around. Thorough research informs her design process from beginning to end, allowing her to create a holistic space that positively engages with the human senses. A strong verbal and written communicator, her love and appreciation for contributing to people’s life stories is what drives her success.  

Ever the proponent for adequate lighting, use of colours, varied textures and sustainable materiality, Sara works closely with her clients to ensure that the proposed design meets, and exceeds, their expectations.

She maintains knowledge of local and international design through social media, as well as personal networking and work experience.

She is passionate about intelligent, practical, and emotionally stirring architecture, furniture design, photography and visual arts.