At SLDS, authenticity is the guiding principle of everything we do, from our interiors to product design to art and fine furniture curation to styling. Through a slow, thoughtful process, we design pieces that are intended to transcend the fickleness of trends and instagram hype. We're not here to chase the spotlight or follow fads. Instead, we aim to serve our community by bringing forth beautiful designs that exude meaning, purpose, and lasting beauty, fighting the tide of mass production and mindless consumerism. Each and every one of our pieces is designed in house, with thorough research and exploration informing every element of the piece. Iteration after iteration, we don’t take for granted that design always has a foot in the past, but must accomodate and accentuate our present lives, with long term adaptability and longevity in mind. Every piece is customisable and we offer a wide range of timber species and an almost infinite range of finishes. Get in touch for more information!

Montreal Collection